Free-writing. How can I possibly explain the concept of an action as amazingly beautiful as writing without a second thought? Personally, I hope every creatively inclined person “out there” who puts pen to paper, finger to keyboard (or whatever your personal preference) considers free-writing as a taste of Writer’s Heaven; their own Utopia, if (and only if) the idea doesn’t seem to far-fetched.

Writing should not always be about achieving perfection, it should be solely about expressing one’s self in a manner that is effective, relate-able, and riveting. I’m a big believer in the good that free-writing can do. Why? Free-writing allows writers to freely express themselves completely and creatively without having to think about all the technicalities that go hand-in-hand with writing (grammar, punctuation, and all that good stuff). Free-writing is just what its name implies, freedom in writing.

Just like the average doubtful Thomas, or in my case doubtful Shaneice, I recall questioning the effectiveness of free-writing, until I decided to test it out for myself. I decided i’d write about a random topic without thinking much of grammar, spelling, errors or any other technical detail. I did that, it was eh, “meh”. So I went ahead and wrote another piece which was more planned out, and resolved to compare the outcome. The results really surprised me; I couldn’t believe that the piece I wrote using the free-write technique was decidedly better (and one hundred percent more creative) than the other. The ideas that i’d initially had for both pieces were the same yet the different techniques used resulted in completely dissimilar outcomes. The one that was planned, inevitably had next to perfect grammar, great organization and good word choice, yet it was lacking in creativity and dimension, the piece seemed dry, flat and lacking in both originality and spunk. On the other hand the free-write piece was raw with creativity, big ideas, and fresh new viewpoints.

I enjoy free-writing because it gives me free reign of my ideas, I write first then think/edit later.  I don’t have to pre-meditate what to write, I just get to write. It allows original ideas to come through and my creative juices to flow more easily.What’s more important to you? Writing a good, creative piece, original piece, that can be edited  for grammar and mechanics at a later time, or would you rather writing a piece with perfect grammar, mechanics and spelling; yet lacking substance and creativity? I’d choose to free-write. No ifs, no buts, no maybes.

For those non-believers, namely those who discourage free-writing. I will boldly defend my stance. I suggest you not dismiss the technique until you’ve at-least tried it. Imagine how good it feels to write freely without stopping to gather thoughts, or to edit, not losing zest, or those great ideas that are so quick to fade with deep thought. Then think of reviewing those same raw thoughts,discovering originality and a knack for writing that you’ve never quite thought you were capable of. You really won’t know how great it feels until you’ve tried it.

I’m sure every writer would love only to present their masterpieces– their most creative and original works; If free writing can help you achieve that why not embrace it?