And if I never did write again I’d be heartbroken.

It’s the way the words flow that appeals to me so,

It’s the way my heart races as I get swept away in a torrent of the unknown.

I never know where the magic might lead me; I just have to believe in its direction.

It’s the way everything makes sense when that pen hits paper,

The world springs to life, it transforms into this beautiful place, it inspires, it becomes everything my lonely heart desires.

I see life differently each time I hold that pen, the greens become a little greener,

The loud becomes a little louder, nothing’s ever dull, it’s magic, pure magic.

It’s the magic I feel when I hold that pen.

You know, I feel like I’m the queen of my castle, the boss of my bubble,

Yes, that’s most certainly the magic I feel when I hold that pen.

But there are some days when I’d say to myself, “I’ll just stop writing for a while”, I’d take a hiatus but the call of the pen draws me back to paper, it always does.

No, I dare not resist the call of the mighty pen. I think, no, I know that the pen, my pen, is an extension of my heart.

I’d be heartbroken, if I couldn’t write.  I’d be lost without my pen.


**Please note all the pieces posted are originals, written by myself or by occasional contributing writers. Contributors will always  be credited properly for their pieces whenever posted. Thank you for understanding! We put our hearts into what we write– we don’t want anyone to take it and pass it off as theirs. **