Well here’s the scoop on the fabulous Rhyanne (she’s wicked funny and is a real sweetheart–just so you know) How do I know this? Well as luck would have it I am her dear old auntie 🙂

Rhyanne  writer of featured poem “Ivy” enjoys reading, writing and loves hip hop–particularly the old school hip hop acts. She is proud to boast that one of her stories on the e-book community–Wattpad has garnered close to 15,000 reads. (Which is  really a tremendous accomplishment for any writer). A Nottingham native, Rhyanne dreams of traveling and living abroad. Rhyannes’s dream job is to be a foreign/war correspondent.

To see more from Rhyanne visit her blog  http://dontletthemchangeya.wordpress.com/ 🙂  For twitter updates @dltcy Happy reading!