I have a lot of new material to share with you kind folks, but I shall have to put sharing them off till after the weekend.  I’m currently studying for a couple of midterms 😦 the good news is:  these exams are all scheduled for this week, so i’ll  be much more hands on with my blogging after the “storm passes”.

What to expect next:

  • Writers Detox- A piece on staying  organized and balancing work, school, social time etc.
  • The Daily Life– What inspires me to write my stories and some background on my writing process.
  • Short Stories– I’m currently working on a few shorts, release dates are to be determined.

And above all thank you all for reading and sharing you feedback with me through comments, email, twitter etc. I appreciate it greatly and hope to continue providing you with the good reading material. Also, I would like to thank this month’s contributors/featured writers: Ms. Carleen Colin and Ms. Lashuntrice Bradley for such beautiful pieces.  Thank you all and please visit again soon — don’t forget to subscribe 🙂