So it’s my birthday again. This time i’m 24.

Good grief! the excitement!…..Please do take note of my failed Vulcan salute….

As always my most sincere few remember (bless your hearts I love you all) but as I have come to learn the older you grow the less people care. I do want to say that I appreciate every single thing you lovely people have done for me before my birthday has even arrived. The birthday dinners, the kind texts and calls, the over-all outpouring of love. ( you know what would be epic?…if someone sent me a messenger bird with a note that reads ” Happy birthday little one…from your loved ones “a-far”……” odd yes, but that’d be pretty epic (that was a random thought) .

Anywhooo, few people understand why I do not consider my birthday an event deserving of much fanfare. As a ย matter of fact as my birthday approached I was filled with dread…pure…absolute DREAD. Why? I don’t know. Birthdays, (mine) make me emotional. I’m not sure why, nor do I care to figure it out– it must be all that attention….I think.

Or maybe it’s because of this …. hehe (but still I kinda love this— I get to put my dramatics to good use)

Big thanks to my family and friends for understanding my fear, and for having kept it as simple as possible. Also a big shout out to my cousin Keya, for hyping me up for my big day ๐Ÿ™‚ — she loves to see me in the celebratory mood and I love her for that– best cousin ever or what? Totally the best.

So it’s my birthday, I will celebrate— fears aside. I will get intoxicated—or perhaps just chill out (literally— New England is cold). ย I will make my week–weekend long celebration memorable….memorable I tell ya!! ย ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll write a post after the event with all the fine “deets”—if I can remember #cheers !!! (hash-tag I’m out)