Dear you,

Yes, you.  As I type (I do so guiltily),  I am guilty of neglect.

I have neglected my readers in the worst way possible.  I am aware that nowadays my posts are few and far between, but I promise I am trying to change that. I really need to get a handle on scheduling—among other things. In terms of writing, I really want to finish the next chapter of my Novella: One Time Down Cozy Sweet Lane. In terms of everything else, all is well–minus me grasping at straws in the creativity department. let me clarify:  I am always so busy these days, I barely have or get time to write.

Suggestions on how to balance a hectic day-to-day schedule while being able to squeeze in a healthy dose of writing would be greatly appreciated.

As always, I am thankful for your continued readership and support. I am especially happy for the time you took to read the featured pieces. I love it! Most importantly,  I appreciate you ALL!

Anyway, here’s a photo of me doing a thing (walking in the cold).