Word Count : 228

Genre: Paranormal Mystery

The following story is based on the photo prompt below  for Friday Fictioneers -hosted by the fabulous  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

I went way over 100 words — sorry! 

Photo prompt courtesy of © Roger Bultot

“I don’t know Charlie; I’m getting a weird vibe from this.”

Ginger twirled a few strands of kinky curls from her expertly primped auburn tinted afro.  A nervous beauty, the sun highlighted her smooth cocoa toned skin. Every inch of her lithe form emanated perfection.

“You’re an oracle Gin; you get weird vibes from everything. We’ll never know what it all means until we cross.”

She shot Charlie a pensive look, then turned to gaze out at the dusky horizon. Her twin shared much of her own traits, all but one of her strange gifts.

His pale silver eyes glinted with expectation, he felt everything, knew all of her thoughts, felt as she felt.   His gift was his burden. He was moved by some inexplicable urge to protect Ginger and was compelled to guide her along this journey. His destiny.

Ginger surveyed the overgrown field, reveling in the feel of the last rays of sunshine caressing her skin before bowing with resignation.

“It’s time. We should go now.”

Fear held no place in their hearts as they approached the miniature shed. The door flew open and an eerie white light beaconed. Hesitantly, the two crossed the short space, pausing briefly to give a fleeting farewell to their earthly realm.  As quickly as the shed had opened it snapped close, hurtling the two into a black abyss of uncertainty.