Have you ever questioned the legitimacy of your talent? Wondered if you’ll ever make it beyond the point of “just good enough” to exceptional? Have you ever wondered if the creative path you’ve journeyed is even the right one. I for one have many doubts about my own path.

For the last 18 years I’ve had it stuck in my head that I would someday be an Author. That writing would someday be my full-time profession.

It seems like an incredibly risky step to take. I am young yes, but completely beholden to college loans and other lovely “adult-y” responsibilities.

I find myself growing irritable knowing that I am not writing at the level that I should be, and that I am not in reality living my dream-job. I am passionate about writing, I have wildly creative stories that I’ve yet to pen. Add in the random bouts of writers block and just try to imagine my frustrations.

Essentially I am ready to take the first steps in chasing my dream. But I am not sure how. I do know for certain that I will need two things:

  • A mentor
  • To fully immerse myself in my craft in order to grow

As with any writer or creative being, I am scared of the prospect of failure but I cannot fight the calling. I need to write.  Writing will be my full-time one way or the next. My passion will become my profession.